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Britt & Anders’ wedding. This weekend.

I just wanted to blog a teaser from this weekends wedding.

The reason that I can’t wait is one photo in particular.

My favorite wedding photographer Jeff Ascough would be proud of me…or maybe not.

The photo below is full of great reflections. But notice how the newly wedded couple and the brides mother are all looking at the reflection of the little boy standing on the other side of the car. The boy is the son of the bride & groom. it.

But that’s me I’m a sucker for reflections.

Please leave a comment below the photo.


Britt & Anders


Ok then,

let me share one more photo.

This is a classic but still nice.

Photo of groom in car

Rice. Belinda & Teddy’s wedding

To Belinda and Teddy.

I know you have been visiting my site almost twice everyday to check if there is anything posted from the wedding yet. And there soon will be.

I promise.

Until then I will post this candid photo.

Rice thrown at Teddy