You & me


You are here because your wedding images are important to you. They are almost as important to you as the wedding dress and the reception venue. The only thing left after the wedding is your memories and your wedding photos, right Nothing else will remain.

You like your photos to be different and you like them to have a modern touch.

You have been looking through many blogs to find the right wedding photographer that you feel will fit your vision of how your wedding photos should look.

It is important that you book me because of my photos and not because I might be cheaper than the other photographers you have been looking at.

Choose with your heart not your wallet. You might regret it otherwise.



I believe that when you look at your wedding photos they will forever remind you of your special day. They will make you feel what you felt that day. They will remind you of the smells, the colors, the people, and the smiles.

And that is why I do what I do. Because the photos will take me back to that day also. Yes I smiled, I may even have danced a little. I had a great day photographing your wedding day. Your photos will be memories to me too.