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Beautiful Copenhagen City Hall wedding.

Have a look at this beautiful Copenhagen City Hall wedding. Omera & Terje contacted me because wedding planner Sofie Brink had recommended my work to them.

They had planned a simple but yet romantic and very stylish and beautiful wedding day which included dinner at restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen which has been awarded with several Michelin stars.

Copenhagen City Hall is a magical place to photograph a wedding. The architecture inside of the building is filled with details and pillars to integrate into the images. It is therefore very easy to find great locations inside the building for beautiful images.

Copenhagen City Hall is a big old majestical building in the center of Copenhagen. Every year thousand’s of couples from all over the world get married here.

They asked me if they could enjoy their wedding dinner with their friends in privacy so naturally I respected their wish and took a break for a couple of hours. I then reconnected with them at beautiful Kokkedal castle to shoot the remaining part of their wedding.

This beautiful castle is perfect for a romantic wedding and you should definately check it out if you are dreaming of a castle wedding in Denmark.


This wedding inspired me to try out different editing technique which has a more american look and feel to it.

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Copenhagen City Hall.

Melissa and Jake where the first couple I photographed at Copenhagen City Hall. Since then I have been back a couple of times. I love photographing weddings at Copenhagen City Hall because of the history and the beautiful light thats coming in trough the big windows. Also I love the dark brownish color tones that is inside the building . They really give a perfect opportunity to play with light and shadows.

The architecture is amazing with lots of details and pillars to bring into the photos as foreground and background. Thus giving me as a photographer thousands of different ways to shoot a image.