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Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark. Marielyst Hotel, Helsingør.


When Charlotte contacted me I had a feeling that this wedding was going to be special. I just didn’t now why. Since I started photographing weddings I really wanted to photograph an outdoor wedding. 5 years had to pas by before it became a reality. Charlotte had arranged a really beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark.

There really aren’t many outdoor weddings in Denmark, as the weather here is simply too unstable to rely on. But for Charlotte & Rune everything turned out perfect weather wise and everything else for that matter.

I really loved being the wedding photographer for Charlotte & Rune. They made me feel right at home from the very beginning as did their friends and family. The venue was perfect, the weather was perfect, Charlotte & Rune were just great to be around and I felt that they trusted e completely. Even when I told them to stand up against a really orange curtain.

Charlotte & Rune were really kind to send me the nicest respons to their wedding photos. You can find their respons here.

Thank you Charlotte & Rune for letting me capture your amazing wedding and for trusting me completely.

012-Beautiful-outdoor-wedding-Denmark013-Beautiful-outdoor-wedding-Denmark014-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark015-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark016-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark017-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark018-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark019-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark020-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark021-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark022-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark023-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark024-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark026-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark027-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark028-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark030-Beautiful outdoor wedding Denmark

Wedding portrait at Hotel Marielyst Helsingoer Denmark

Even if this is a staged wedding portrait at Hotel Marielyst Helsingoer Denmark, it was no problem to get this couple looking fantastic in their wedding portraits. Because Charlotte and Rune were looking so incredibly beautiful, my job was very easy.  Charlotte in her beautiful white wedding dress and Rune in he’s stylish outfit and classy style. You could just sense he’s calm nature and ability to be calm and on top of things. Because this wedding was the first outdoor wedding I have photographed this has become my favourite wedding of 2016. Also because Charlotte and Rune where just amazing to be around.

If you want to see more images of this beautiful couple? Just look above this post or click this link.

034-wedding portrait at Hotel Marielyst Helsingoer Denmark

Groom in Focus. Cool masculine wedding portraits of the groom

Have you noticed that every wedding photographer in the world are almost always focussing on the bride in their images. It’s about time that I show some cool masculine wedding portraits of the groom on my blog.

Wedding photographers know that the key to getting the job is through the bride. She is the one deciding which photographer is right for her wedding. She is the one who has been planning her wedding since she was a little girl. I too am guilty of focusing my attention on the bride. Just look at any of the weddings on this blog and notice how the groom is playing a supporting role in the wedding photos.
But for once I want to focus on the groom.

These cool masculine wedding portraits of the groom where shot at the beautiful venue Marielyst Hotel in Helsingoer, Denmark.

036-Cool masculine wedding portraits of the groom037-storyboard038-storyboard039-storyboard040-Cool masculine wedding portraits of the groom

Beautiful Copenhagen City Hall wedding.

Have a look at this beautiful Copenhagen City Hall wedding. Omera & Terje contacted me because wedding planner Sofie Brink had recommended my work to them.

They had planned a simple but yet romantic and very stylish and beautiful wedding day which included dinner at restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen which has been awarded with several Michelin stars.

Copenhagen City Hall is a magical place to photograph a wedding. The architecture inside of the building is filled with details and pillars to integrate into the images. It is therefore very easy to find great locations inside the building for beautiful images.

Copenhagen City Hall is a big old majestical building in the center of Copenhagen. Every year thousand’s of couples from all over the world get married here.

They asked me if they could enjoy their wedding dinner with their friends in privacy so naturally I respected their wish and took a break for a couple of hours. I then reconnected with them at beautiful Kokkedal castle to shoot the remaining part of their wedding.

This beautiful castle is perfect for a romantic wedding and you should definately check it out if you are dreaming of a castle wedding in Denmark.


This wedding inspired me to try out different editing technique which has a more american look and feel to it.

Copenhagen city hall weddingCopenhagen city hall weddingCopenhagen city hall weddingCopenhagen city hall weddingCopenhagen city hall weddingCopenhagen city hall weddingCopenhagen city hall weddingCopenhagen city hall weddingCopenhagen city hall wedding

Black and white wedding photos

My biggest inspiration as a wedding photographer has been one of the world’s best wedding photographers Jeff Ascough. He has photographed some of the most beautiful black and white wedding photos I have ever seen. So for a long time black and white photos were my preferred way of editing my wedding photos. Now I tend to deliver both black and white as well as color photos to couples.

When photographing a wedding I almost always know if the wedding is primarily a black and white kind of wedding or a color one. I knew when I shot the images below that they would be perfect in black and white. For the most part I tend to like my black and white wedding photos the best.

The images below are from a shoot I did with a chinese couple. When they contacted me I was so honored because they practically flew to Denmark to get photographed by me and then flew back to Shanghai again. I had 7 hours in total together with them. They trusted me totally and gave me complete creative freedom to capture their wedding photos.

The images below are all shoot in their hotel room just after they finished dressing up. The hotel room was nothing fancy just a regular hotel room. I therefor decided to pull the curtains and only let a little strip of light pass through into the room.


Black and white wedding photos 1Black and white wedding photos 2Black and white wedding photos 3Black and white wedding photos 4Black and white wedding photos 5Black and white wedding photos 7

If you like the above black and white photos maybe you should take a look at these photos from a danish castle wedding at Lungholm castle.