Reference. Birgitte & John. New York.

I can’t believe the kind words Birgitte & John sent me to post on my web site. First I thought of just posting some quotes from their email but decided to just let you see it all. Scroll down and see the images from their beautiful wedding at Egeskov Castle. Here it goes.


“This past Spring I had the daunting task of trying to find a fantastic and talented photographer for our second wedding in Denmark on May 25th, 2013. This was no easy feat. My husband and I live in New York City and got officially married at City Hall last September but, wanted to have a dream wedding in Denmark to celebrate with my Danish relatives.

The location we picked was Egeskov Castle in Fyn, Denmark, the best preserved moated castle in all of Europe. A place that meant a lot to me since it was a childhood dream to get married there one day.

The location, the catering, the cake, the flowers and the guests were all confirmed but now I had to find the dream photographer to match everything else.

I poured for hours over dozens and dozens of photographer’s website until I finally found Rene Benkjer’s. His photographs were different from all the rest. He had a consistent vision of breathtaking pictures. They weren’t pretentious like many of the others. Nor were they slick or over-the-top. His photojournalist quality with a sense of down-to-earth naturalism is what drew us to his pictures. He was our favorite and we simply had to have him. 

We knew that we had made the right decision when we got back a lovely, warm, professional email telling us that yes, he would be our photographer and that he was looking forward to being a critical part of our special day. 

We were thrilled since we know how utterly important it is to have a top-quality photographer on one’s wedding day.

Since it was impossible to meet Rene in person before our wedding (we live over three thousand miles away in the U.S,) we just had to trust the process over the internet and hope for the best. 

Rene’s professional and timely communication with us throughout the process eased any fears of not having met him in person. 

Our Skype call soon after sealed the deal and we committed. 

His prices were fair and reasonable and the contract that he gave us laid out for us what we could expect from him. 

Great communication and very clear boundaries. Very important when you are dealing with a wedding photographer. 

We knew exactly what we could expect and not expect.

Rene’s work exceeded our expectations. He did everything and more that he promised he would do.

On our wedding day, he arrived exactly on time, photographed every possible person, thing and activity that was relevant. Made us feel like our wedding was special to him. He was great at directing our guests for the formal portraits. He was fast and didn’t make people wait a long time to get the shot. He made two separate scouting trips to Egeskov Castle spending  two days in total to make sure that he had just the right spots picked out to do his portraits. His excitement and enthusiasm was infectious and many of our guests commented on what a wonderful job Rene was doing.

Two weeks later we got our dream wedding pictures from Rene Benkjer via DropBox. We are so happy with them we simply can’t believe that it all really happened. SInce the highlight of the entire event was our family, that is what we are most happy to have documented by Rene. Our beautiful pictures will be with us forever and we cherish the love from our family that is shown in Rene’s captivating photographs. We were most surprised at how powerful the images were in black and white. Rene had advised us that we should try black and white besides color pics and he was right. They added drama and excitement and we couldn’t be happier with our pictures in general. 

I think that one of the best ways to spend your wedding budget is on a great wedding photographer. After all, the pictures last forever and are what you have after the one-day event is over. Thank you goodness we found Rene Benkjer. We will treasure our pictures always.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Birgitte and John Delaney, New York city.